Friday, June 17, 2011

Eighth Annual Meeting of Ohio Association of Local Fire Insurance Agents

On June 16, 1904, the eighth annual convention of the Ohio Association of Local Fire Insurance Agents was held in Sandusky, Ohio. The morning session met in the Carnegie Music Hall of the Sandusky Library.
Mayor John J. Molter greeted the group on behalf of the city. He said in part, “Yours is the first convention to be welcomed here this season and we therefore give you a double welcome. We recognize that you gentlemen represent a business of great importance. You are ministering agents in time of misfortune. We greet you with as hearty a greeting as we can extend. We hope you may come again, and if you do, we assure you another hearty welcome.” Resolutions and the secretary’s report were read, and the election of officers was held. Mr. Fred Guenther of Detroit gave a talk entitled, “A Talk on the Local Agents.”

Several of the insurance agents brought their wives and children with them to the meeting. During the afternoon session, visiting family members were given a trolley ride from the West House to the Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home. In the evening, the insurance agents and their families were treated to a ride on the steamer Wehrle to Cedar Point. Ackley’s Band entertained those on board the Wehrle. An article in the June 17, 1904 issue of the Sandusky Register reported that, “The convention was one of the most successful ever held by the association and it would not be surprising if the executive committee again selected Sandusky as the next meeting place.”

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