Sunday, June 05, 2011

Betsy Ross Bread and the H & S Modern Baking Co.

A truck with loudspeakers can be seen above promoting Betsy Ross jumbo bread about 1936. Betsy Ross Bread was a favorite product of Sandusky’s H and S Modern Bakery. Newspaper ads stated that Betsy Ross Bread was made with creamery butter and rich cream milk. In 1926 Miss May Neville chose Betsy Ross Bread for the recipes she used in the Sandusky Star Journal cooking school. The advertisement below, which appeared in the March 29, 1929 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal, suggests that mothers of Sandusky preferred Betsy Ross Bread because of its wholesome ingredients.

Betsy Ross bread could be purchased at local grocers or from retail wagons that made deliveries in Sandusky. In 1951 a loaf of Betsy Ross bread sold for 18 cents.

The H and S Modern Baking Company was founded in Sandusky about 1918 by Amandus Smith, Sr. and Edward Hartzel, and continued in operation until the early 1950’s. Eventually the H and S Modern Baking Company had facilities at 625 Hancock Street, 221 E. Monroe Street, and 244 Columbus Avenue. The company also had facilities at other locations through the years.

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