Friday, July 29, 2011

The Sandusky Telegram

On July 29, 1872, J.C. Loveland began publishing a weekly newspaper called the Sandusky Telegram. Loveland’s office was at 195 Water Street, opposite Barney & Ferris. According to Roswell’s American Newspaper Directory, the Sandusky Telegram was Sandusky’s only Democratic newspaper in 1872. Circulation was 700, and the annual subscription rate was $2.00. In the October 19, 1872 issue of the Sandusky Telegram, Loveland strongly endorsed Horace Greeley as the presidential candidate. (President Grant was re-elected in 1872.) The front page of the October 19 Sandusky Telegram carried several articles that were critical of Rush Sloane, who had just lost the election as a candidate for U.S. Congress.

A brief Telegram article was critical of I. F. Mack’s coverage of recent candidates in the Sandusky Register. Loveland stated about the Register’s editor, “the editor has stepped beyond the limits of journalism.” Interestingly, in Charles E. Frohman’s book about I.F. Mack, entitled Sandusky's Editor, there is no mention of J.C. Loveland or the Sandusky Telegram.

To view the 1872 issue of the Sandusky Telegram, or read the book Sandusky's Editor, visit the Sandusky Library, and ask for assistance at the Reference Services desk.

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