Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dr. William A. Ferry, Veterinarian

Dr. William A. Ferry was a veterinarian in Sandusky for thirty five years. Born in Sandusky in 1869, he was the son of pioneer Sandusky merchant Austin Ferry. Dr. Ferry received his veterinary training at the Chicago Veterinary College and the Toronto Veterinary College. In 1915 Dr. Ferry had his veterinary office at 140 Wayne Street in Sandusky. By the 1920’s Dr. Ferry’s home, as well as his veterinary practice, were both in the 400 block of Jackson Street, now a part of the parking lot of the Sandusky Library. 
 For several years, Dr. Ferry worked in conjunction with Dr. H.C. Schoepfle to inspect dairy farms in Erie County to make sure they met proper health and sanitation standards. He inspected the stables, milk houses, and took samples of milk for testing. Dr. Ferry also inspected Sandusky area grocery stores, meat markets, ice cream plants, and soda fountains. He said in an article in the December 4, 1920 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal that health inspections in Sandusky businesses were found to have excellent sanitary standards “in nearly every instance.” After a lengthy illness, Dr. William A. Ferry died on June 3, 1944. His funeral was held at the Charles J. Andres Sons’ Funeral Home at 421 Jackson Street, which was directly across the street from Dr. Ferry’s home. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. C. L. Alspach, and burial was at Oakland Cemetery.

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