Monday, September 26, 2011

Professor J.D. Luse

An article in the September 26, 1900 issue of the Sandusky Daily Star reported that Professor J. D. Luse had moved to Sandusky to become supervisor of music in the Sandusky schools. Between 1890 and 1909, Jesse D. Luse authored several music books. The series of books in his “Wreath Music Course” were used in the curriculum of public schools, as well as in one room schools throughout the Midwest.

The Laurel Wreath of Song was published by J. D. Luse in 1902, when he resided in Sandusky. The book contained popular songs, patriotic songs, selections to sing in harmony, as well as hymns.

“Sweet Spring is Returning” was written by F. Silcher, and arranged by J. D. Luse.

In 1904, Professor Luse moved back to Columbus, where he planned to devote his time to his publishing business.

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