Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sandusky Police in 1915

In this picture from about 1915, Sandusky police officers are lined up across Columbus Avenue for a parade. Pictured above are: Sam Beach, Otto Rudolph, Officer Curtis, Leo Schiefley, John Molz, Henry Scherer, August David, John Rimidy, Sam Black, Joseph Schlitt, John B. Taylor, Dan Loveland, John Hobert, Adam Zimmerman, Andrew Polta, Melville White, Conrad Hobert, Henry Ringholz, George Dean, Jay Perry, Peter Herb, Al Tremper, John Bauer, George Leitz, and John DeMuth.

This portrait image of Samuel Beach allows a clearer view of the police uniform of that era.

Sandusky policemen are pictured below in an unidentified parade. The streetcar rails are clearly visible, and a marching band is behind the group of policemen. A little boy wearing a hat and knickers appears to be very interested in the parade.

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