Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Washington Ball in 1830

Miss Florence Victor donated an invitation to the Washington Ball held on February 22, 1830, to the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center. Florence’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Victor, invited several individuals to the celebration, which was held in honor of George Washington’s birthday. The event was held at Obadiah Jenney’s Assembly Room in Norwalk, Ohio. Managers of the Washington Ball were: W.F. Kittredge, F.F. Hamilton, G.A. Boalt, B. Carkhuff, and D.A. Baker.

The back of the invitation indicates that Mr. Henry Victor did attend the Washington Ball.

Obadiah Jenney was an early hotel proprietor in Norwalk, Ohio, while Henry Victor operated a hotel in Sandusky in the 1820s. The son of Henry and Gertrude Victor, Orville J. Victor was an associate editor of the Sandusky Daily Register from 1851 to 1856. Orville J. Victor also wrote a four volume set of books entitled The Civil, Political and Military History of the Southern Rebellion, which is housed in the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center.

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