Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Messenger from the R.M. & C.B. Wilcox Company

The Wilcox Company department store in Sandusky was located on the 100 block of the west side of Columbus Avenue in Sandusky from 1886 until it closed in December, 1929. A publication entitled “Holiday Messenger” was mailed to Sandusky area residents during the Christmas season of 1921 from the Wilcox Store. Nostalgic illustrations, stories and riddles appeared throughout the publication, along with information about the many items available for purchase at the R.M. and C.B. Wilcox Company for Christmas gifts.

In 1921, the R.M. and C.B. Wilcox Company sold everything from bloomers to sweaters, along with many household items. Merchandise came in a wide variety of prices, and claimed to offer “the right present for the right person at the right price.”

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