Monday, February 17, 2014

Advertising Card from Henry Eichler and Company

The 1882 Sandusky City Directory lists Henry Eichler and Charles A. Lehrer as manufacturers and dealers of German roots and herb bitters. (Unfortunately, we do not know which man is Mr. Eichler and which is Mr. Lehrer.) Their business, Henry Eichler and Co.,  was located at 420 Decatur Street in Sandusky, Ohio. Sandusky photographer C.A. Cross created this advertising card, now housed in the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center.

German root and herb bitters were a digestive aid, and it was felt that they helped “impurities of the blood” and many other health problems. Both Henry Eichler and Charles A. Lehrer were of German descent. Mr. Eichler eventually moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he was a dealer in patent medicines. Both Charles A. Lehrer and his brother George Lehrer operated drugstores in Sandusky for several years. In his later years, Charles A. Lehrer moved to North Carolina, where he was engaged in vineyard culture.

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