Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Charles Francis Schuck, Artist

Charles Francis Schuck was born in Cumberland, Maryland in 1868, to Mr. and Mrs. George E. Schuck. When he was seventeen, he moved with his family to Sandusky, Ohio. An article in the April 8, 1916 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal stated that Charles was born with a gift for painting. Charles was mentored in his artistic studies by Mrs. John Hudson, who taught many young artists in Sandusky in her later years. Several of the paintings by Charles Schuck featured scenes from the Lake Erie Islands area.  This Schuck painting of a young woman in a rowboat is on the wall of the Industry Room of the Follett House Museum.

Mr. Schuck’s painting Shoreline is included in the Sandusky Library’s Art Walk, a self-guided tour of the library’s art collection.      

This lovely water color scene of a wooded path in fall, entitled Autumn Road, is found in the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center.

Tragically, when he was only 28 years of age, Charles Schuck died during a yacht race on July 4, 1896. A storm suddenly hit the lake, and Charles was knocked overboard from the yacht Shamrock and drowned. He left behind a wife and young child, and his promising career as an artist was cut short. To see several paintings by Charles Schuck, visit the Sandusky Library and the Follett House Museum. Inquire at the Reference Services desk if you would like to view the self-guided Art Walk of the Sandusky Library’s art collection.

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