Monday, May 19, 2014

N.J. Abele and Charles A. Bogert

From about 1915 through the 1930s, Nicholas J. Abele and Charles A. Bogert shared a building at 205 West Market Street in downtown Sandusky. Nicholas J. Abele was a photographer and photo finisher. Nicholas J. Abele continued in the photography business in Sandusky until 1949.  An advertisement in the July 1, 1916 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal stated that customers would be delighted when Nick Abele was finished with their pictures.

These postcards of Sandusky area basketball teams were created by Nicholas J. Abele during the winter of 1912-1913. The first postcard features the Holzaepfels basketball team.

This postcard shows the basketball team from the Sandusky Business College in 1912-1913.
Although the handwritten note on the postcard reads 1922-23, a closer look at the markings on the basketball reveals that the image is from 1912-13.)

 Charles A. Bogert operated a jewelry store at 205 West Market Street. Later, Mr. Bogert was the proprietor of the Sandusky Recreation Center. He was a nationally known trapshooter. For a time he managed the Camp Perry National Rifle matches during the summer months. Mr. Bogert died in 1945, and Nicholas J. Abele passed away in 1953. Both men were well known and respected in Sandusky’s business circles.

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