Thursday, June 26, 2014

The G.A. Boeckling

The steamer G.A. Boeckling was built by the Great Lakes Engineering Works in Encorse, Michigan in 1909, named in honor of George A. Boeckling, the president of Cedar Point.

This vessel was designed to carry 2,000 passengers, and cost $120,000 to build. On June 26, 1909, the G.A. Boeckling was christened with a bottle of Hommel’s White Star Champagne. The next day the Boeckling began ferrying passengers from Sandusky to Cedar Point, and continued to do so until the end of the season in 1951. The 155 foot long steamer had a pilot house at each end, which enabled it to travel in both directions without the need to turn around. A crew member is pictured outside the pilot house about 1949.

There were two passenger decks on the G.A. Boeckling.

While onboard the Boeckling, a lovely view of the city of Sandusky was visible as the vessel traveled to Cedar Point across Sandusky Bay.

Because of rising costs for fuel and maintenance, along with changes in laws requiring an increased number of crew members, the Bay Transportation Company decided to retire the G.A. Boeckling. Her last trip to Cedar Point was on Labor Day Weekend of 1951. 

For several years the Boeckling was used as a floating warehouse and machine shop in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. In the early 1980s, a local group was organized in an attempt to restore the steamer. This project ceased when the Boeckling was destroyed by a fire of suspicious origin as she sat in a Toledo shipyard on June 21, 1989. The G.A. Boeckling carried thousands of passengers to Cedar Point for over forty years. Have you ever heard your parents or grandparents mention their travels aboard the Boeckling

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Hey guys great post :) Love the old pics! I'm sure you already know - but you can find more records over at you local county clerks office if you're up to it! Just updated all listings for ohio county clerks and for every other state in the USA this July!