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Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Jarecki, Jr.

Gustav Jarecki, Jr. was born in Erie, Pennsylvania in February 1867 to Gustav and Dorothy Jarecki. The elder Gustav Jarecki organized the Jarecki Chemical Co. in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1881. Gustav, Jr. began working for his father, who sent him to Ohio to establish a plant in Sandusky. 

 The Jarecki Chemical Co., seen above in an 1893 Sanborn Map, was located at the foot of First Street, adjacent to Sandusky Bay. This location made it convenient for obtaining fish, and also for shipping the final product by water. One of the best selling products at the Sandusky factory was a fertilizer made from fish by-products. This picture postcard shows the dock of the Jarecki Chemical Company covered in fish in the early twentieth century.

 The plant operated from 1887 until 1920 when it was sold to the Armour Fertilizer Co. (Armour ceased operations in Sandusky in the 1960s.) In the early 1900s, Gustav Jarecki, Jr. moved to Cincinnati where he established another branch of the company.

Gustav Jarecki, Jr. and Cora L. Woodward married in June, 1891. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jarecki had only one child, a daughter named Gretchen Dorothea Jarecki. Gretchen studied at the Briar Cliff Manor in New York; she is pictured below when she was a preschooler.

While Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Jarecki, Sr. are buried in Sandusky’s Oakland Cemetery, the family of Gustav Jarecki, Jr. is buried in Cincinnati’s Spring Grove Cemetery.

A database of interments at Spring Grove Cemetery list the following burials in Section 125; Lot 133:

Gustav Jarecki, buried January 1, 1946
Cora Jarecki, buried January 1, 1946
Gretchen J. Welch, buried October 9, 1985

Gretchen’s husband, William W. Welch was buried on January 1, 1957, and a former husband, Warren D. Owen, was buried on January 1, 1942. Gretchen Jarecki Welch lived until the age of 95; she died in Pompano Beach, Florida on October 5, 1985.

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