Tuesday, October 04, 2016

A Sanduskian at World War I Flag Raising at Angouleme, France

Capt. Ira C. Krupp is one of the individuals pictured in this photograph of a flag raising at Angouleme, France on October 4, 1918 during World War I. Capt. Krupp, who was with the 4th Corps Artillery, reported that it was a great ceremony, with a parade in which local residents and U.S. Soldiers participated. The United States entered the Great War on April 6, 1917.  By May of 1918, over one million U.S. troops were stationed in France. You can see a picture of Capt. Krupp, along with many other soldiers, officials, and local community leaders in the commemorative book, Honor Roll of Ohio, Erie County Edition.

During the 1900 U.S. Census, Ira C. Krupp was 18 years old and resided with his family on Wayne Street, at what is now the Follett House Museum. Ira’s father and grandfather, John and Charles J. Krupp, were in the furniture and undertaking business in Sandusky for many years. 

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