Sunday, October 02, 2016

Osborne (Seventh Ward) School

According to the book Treasure by the Bay, by Ellie Damm, the Seventh Ward School in Sandusky was built in the Romanesque Revival style by George Feick in 1890. Many of the students who attended this school were the children of railroad workers, as the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway depot was not far from this school. In 1908 the school was enlarged, with an addition that doubled its size. In the fall of 1912, the name of the Seventh Ward School was changed to Osborne School

Pictured below are several teachers from Osborne School about 1912.

Though not everyone in the picture has been identified, notes with the original picture state that these individuals are included in the photo: Emma Schleicher, Myrtle Coles, Edna Becker, Hattie Ehrhard, principal Winifred Light, Stella Horn, Lucy Day and Marie Weier. Miss Winifred Light was principal of Osborne School for twenty nine years. 

Visit the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center to read more about the history of schools in Sandusky.

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