Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ramm’s Meat Market

Here is an undated photograph of Ramm’s Meat Market in Sandusky, Ohio. The market looks neat and clean -- perhaps the photo was taken when the business location opened.You can see scales and meat cutting equipment behind the counter. Note the embossed tiles along the walls. 

Bruno Ramm, a native of Germany, was the proprietor of a meat market at 418 Decatur Street in the 1910s.  Around 1922, he moved to a new location at 1021 Tiffin Avenue. An advertisement in the May 26, 1922 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal stated that customers should phone in their meat orders early in the day, in order to ensure prompt delivery. This ad appeared in the Sandusky Star Journal on June 16 of that same year:

The Ramm family resided at 1023 Tiffin Avenue, next to the meat market at 1021 Tiffin Avenue. On July 6, 1934, Bruno Ramm died at the age of 61. An obituary for Mr. Ramm, which appeared in the July 7, 1934 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal, stated that Bruno Ramm was one of Sandusky’s best known men and he had been engaged in the butcher business in Sandusky all of his life. Bruno Ramm was survived by his wife, a daughter, a grandchild, as well as a sister and brother. Mr. Ramm was buried at Sandusky’s Oakland Cemetery. 

From about 1941 to 1952, George Polta ran a meat market 1021 Tiffin Avenue. In the 1960s, Zam and Cousino Florists was in operation at the site of the former Ramm Meat Market.

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