Thursday, January 04, 2018

Student Activities at Sandusky High School in the 1960s

The Sandusky High School marching band is pictured above marching down Columbus Avenue in this photo from the 1963 Fram. At that time the Kresge Company and Woolworth’s were popular places to shop in downtown Sandusky. 

Some Latin students wore togas to the Latin banquet in 1962:

Freshmen class visitors Dave Cromer, Paula Flesher, and Mike Holmes toured the radio station of WLEC during the 1963-1963 academic year:

These home economics students were doing advanced sewing, under the direction of Miss Dahs:

The theme of the Junior Dance in 1963 was “Alpine Antics.”

At the Sandusky Library, we have historic Sandusky High School yearbooks, the Fram, covering several decades. Visit the Sandusky Library to learn more about the classes and activities of Sandusky High School students from years gone by. You may see some familiar faces!

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