Saturday, February 09, 2019

Heslet’s Academy of Dancing

This advertisement for Heslet’s Dancing Academy appeared in the February, 1902 edition of the Fram. By looking at each illustration more closely, we can read the words that appear in each section of the ad. Professor William Heslet had 500 pupils enrolled in the 1901-1902 course year. Beginner’s classes met on Monday evening at 7:30. Beside the dancers is written: “Have you learned to dance without taking lessons and dance like this?”

A phrase in the next illustration reads, “Or have you learned from an incompetent instructor and dance like this?”

“Or will you be a wallflower” is the phrase in the illustration at the bottom left portion of the advertisement.

The concluding sentence reads, “Or would you dance like this and be a credit to yourself and friend?”

“Professor” William S. Heslet conducted a private dancing academy in Sandusky from about 1898 through 1921.

During the 1898-1899 season, Professor Heslet gave classes on the third floor of the Lea Block on Market and Wayne Streets.

By 1908, he had moved the dancing academy to the Cable Block, at the northeast corner of Market and Jackson Streets. In 1921, Mr. Heslet moved to Detroit, Michigan where he served as the dance manager of the Bob-Lo resort. Hundreds of former Sandusky students were sad to see their dance instructor leave Sandusky.

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