Sunday, February 03, 2019

Masquerade Parties Were Popular in Sandusky

Adolph Lange won a prize of $6.00 for his costume as a Knight of the 16th century, which he wore to the masquerade ball held by the Social Turners in Sandusky on February 14, 1888. (Six dollars in 1888 was worth about $160 in today's money.) Masquerade balls and parties were held frequently in Sandusky in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, often sponsored by local clubs, but sometimes held by private individuals.  

In February of 1890, the Sandusky Turngemeinde held a masquerade ball at Fisher’s Hall. An advertisement in the Sandusky Register of January 25, 1890, stated that the masquerade “will be a great and glittering success.”

Just in time for the ball, masks were sold at the Bazar, a popular store in the 600 block of Market Street, to help shoppers complete their costume for the masquerade ball.

Several former Sandusky residents are pictured in this masquerade party held in the early twentieth century.

While we do not know the exact date or location of this event, the names of the individuals in attendance were: August Kuebeler, Mrs. Russell Ramsey, Mrs. John Mack, Mrs. R.M. Taylor, Mrs. Clifford King, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Krupp, Clifford King, Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Beery, Mrs. August Kuebeler, Mr. and Mrs.  Watson Butler, George Beis, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Brewer, William Kerber, Mrs. Thomas Sloane, Herbert Textor, Fred Harten, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dunn, Carey Hord, Mrs. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. George Feick, Doris Marquart, Mrs. Percy Staples, Natalie Marquart, Gladys Rife, Mrs. John Britton, and Mary Vietmeier.

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