Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sandusky Boys and Girls Band

On the evening of Monday, June 25, 1928, the Sandusky Boys and Girls Band presented a Concert at Cedar Point’s Coliseum. The band is pictured on the steps of the Erie County Courthouse on the day of the concert.
G. A. Boeckling, president and general manager of Cedar Point, arranged for the Sandusky Boys and Girls Band to also take part in the pilgrimage of the Sandusky boosters of Congressman James T. Begg to the Republican State Convention on June 28. According the June 26, 1928 Sandusky Register, Mr. Boeckling funded the band’s entire trip.

The Sandusky Register reported that Mr. Boeckling gave each of the young musicians a five dollar bill, for spending money during their trip to Columbus. Then he gave each youngster another five dollar bill “to keep.” The band was to meet at the Erie County Courthouse on the morning of June 28, “resplendent in their red, white, and blue uniforms for the Columbus doings.”

Members of the band included: Elsworth Gilbert, Bob Schillig, John Ging, Roy Leibach, Dick Stradtman, Richard Heinz, Frank Booth, Bill Seymour, Mary Brentgartner, Jack Kotz, Rosemary Corso, Kenneth Appel, Bill Appel, Verne Tieche, Richard Baker, Jane Hutter, Jack Rentsch, Wilbur Fleming, Naomi Gilbert, Bob Close, Louis Brengartner, Jack Beilstein, Elsworth Reiter, Paul Stoker, Fred Hoffman, Jr., Consetta Vassallo, Frank Kleinfelder, Charles Bahnsen, Paul Smith, Birgil Gilbert, Emmett Brengartner, Alvin Brengartner, Chris Therkelsen, Wilvert Knauer, Thelma Brengartner, Des Brown, Chet Gilmert, Fred Hoffman, Sr., Josephine Beilstein, Ada Crandall, Florence Brengartner, Lona Schillig, and “Professor” W. Rosati

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