Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Woodcut Prints in the 1930 FRAM

During the 1929-1930 school year, Miss Yocum’s art students at Sandusky High School assisted the members of the Journalism A Class in the publication of the 1930 FRAM. Several woodcut prints are found at the beginning of the various sections of the yearbook. Charles Sallee, Aloys Sacksteder, Dorothy Lonz, and Elinor Alvord, four of the young artists who contributed prints to the yearbook, appear in the FRAM photograph of the Art Club. The woodcut prints reflect the Art Deco style which was popular from 1925 through 1939.
Six woodcut prints are pictured below in the order in which they are found in the 1930 FRAM. Visit the Archives Research Center of the Sandusky Library to view historical yearbooks from Sandusky High School, St. Mary’s High School, and Perkins High School. While we do not have a complete set of yearbooks from these schools, there are five shelves devoted to the yearbooks. By browsing through the old yearbooks, you can learn details about the high school activities in which your ancestors may have participated. It is interesting to view the changes in hair styles and clothing throughout the years.
Charles Sallee, Jr. went on to become a mural artist for the WPA. His many achievements have been discussed in an earlier blog post. Elinor Alvord Little Sidnor studied art at Ohio Wesleyan University, and she was known as a local artist and art collector. Elinor donated a significant portion of her art collection to the Cedar Point Center of Firelands College. Elinor also gave many artifacts to the Follett House Museum.

Aloys Sacksteder was known for her work in sculpture, design, and ceramics. Her art work was on display at the National Arts Club and in Paris Salons, according to the website AskArt. Dorothy Lonz married Norbert Keeley, and she taught ceramics in Lucas County.
Louis Lombardy, who was only a freshman in 1930, enlisted in the Army Air Corps in World War Two, and moved to California. Karl Kruger’s obituary appeared on the front page of the Sandusky Register shortly after his death on May 6, 1966. Karl had been a standout athlete at Sandusky High School, and he was a Veteran of World War Two.

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