Thursday, February 17, 2011

Horse-Drawn Fire Engines in Sandusky

Photographer Edward H. Schlessman took the picture below of a horse drawn fire engine traveling down Central Avenue in the first part of the twentieth century.

Another picture by Mr. Schlessman features a fire engine rushing to a fire on Market Street. The office of E.R. Hinkley, Veterinarian and the jewelry store of Charles A. Bogert are visible in the background.

These fire fighters are standing in front of the old Number Four Fire Station, located on the northeast corner of Central Avenue and Osborne Street in 1910.

Ellie Damm noted in her book Treasure by the Bay that the city of Sandusky used horse-drawn equipment for fighting fires until 1919. Several early fire stations were built of limestone, with space for the horses at the ground level, and quarters for the fire fighters and their equipment on the upper floor.

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ron schneider said...

I believe the first picture was taken in front of St. Mary's Church with Decatur Stree in the background. I have a similar picture of my grandfather Joseph Schneider driving a horse drawn fire engine with St. Mary's Church in the background. The picture is in the Cedar Point Museum. The fire dept. must have staged a photo op for the photographer.