Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mary J. Zipfel Grummel MacLeod

Mary Josephine Zipfel is pictured above in a wintry scene (created by the photographer). The photograph was taken at the C.W. Platt studio in Sandusky when Mary J. Zipfel was in her early teens. Mary J. Zipfel was the daughter of Constantine and Mary (Daniel) Zipfel. Mary’s father was the owner of a well known Sandusky meat market. In the picture below, Mary J. Zipfel is wearing her bridesmaid’s dress for the wedding of her brother Charles to Anna Wagner.

According to marriage records at Erie County Probate Court, on April 24, 1889, Mary J. Zipfel married Philip Grummel, Jr. in Erie County, Ohio. Sadly, the couples’ little girl, Edna Grummel, died when she was only five months old, on June 1, 1890. Mary and baby Edna were photographed at the C.W. Platt studio shortly before Edna passed away.

Mary and Philip Grummel, Jr. became the parents of a baby boy in 1892. Mary’s husband Philip died on February 4, 1900. Later Mary Zipfel Grummel married Archibald MacLeod. Mary also survived her second husband, as Mr. MacLeod passed away in 1932. Mary J. Grummel MacLeod lived to be 91 years of age. She died in a nursing home in Clyde, Ohio, and she was buried next to Archibald MacLeod at Sandusky’s Oakland Cemetery. Mary’s life as a young woman is well documented at the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center thanks to the generosity of family members who donated several photographs that originally belonged to the Zipfel family. If you have vintage photographs of former residents or buildings from Sandusky or Erie County, consider donating them to the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center so that future generations may enjoy them.


Ed Daniel said...

Do you know who the father of Mary Daniel (wife of Constantine Zipfel) was?

Anonymous said...

This online site states that Mary Daniel Zipfel was the daughter of Christopher Daniel.

Cheryl Cayemberg said...

Love the pictures and how they did the snow scene. How nice that they got a picture of the baby before it was too late Considering the time not everyone could have!