Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year’s Greetings from the Carriers of the Sandusky Register, 1858

On January 1, 1858, the carriers of the Sandusky Register distributed this New Year’s greeting to local subscribers of the newspaper.

The lengthy poem tells the story of a young newspaper carrier who falls asleep in the press room and dreams of a giant who dwelled in a heavenly realm. The giant symbolized Progress, a hero who spread truth and goodness to all. The giant’s hands were upheld by the Press and Pen..

In 1858 the proprietor of the Sandusky Register was H.D. Cooke and Company. Henry David Cooke was the younger brother of Jay Cooke, the well known Civil War financier. He went on to served as the Governor of the District of Columbia from February 28, 1871 to September 13, 1873. In 1858 the Register was published daily, tri-weekly and weekly.

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