Saturday, March 03, 2012

1884 Congressional Map of Ohio

Erie County, along with Sandusky, Ottawa, and Lucas Counties, was a part of Congressional District 10 in 1884. A breakdown of the popular vote in the United States, as well as in Ohio, for the Presidential election of 1884 was provided on the map. The 1884 Congressional Map of Ohio was distributed in the fall of 1888 when President Grover Cleveland was running for reelection against Benjamin Harrison. Cleveland lost reelection in the Electoral College, even though he won the popular vote by a narrow margin.

The map was a promotional item distributed by the Aultman, Miller & Company from Akron, Ohio, the manufacturer of several Buckeye mowers, binders, and other agricultural implements.

You can read about the history of Ohio Congressional redistricting during the nineteenth century in an online article.

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