Friday, March 30, 2012

Jennie E. Daly, Hair Dresser

From about 1898 to 1902, Miss Jennie E. Daly was a hair dresser in Sandusky, Ohio. An advertisement in the April 25, 1899 issue of the Sandusky Star stated that Miss Jennie E. Daly operated a hair dressing parlor on Washington Row. She also offered manicures and massages at her business. The ad below appeared in a copy of the sheet music to the Cedar Point March, by T.J. Martin.

In the late nineteenth century, Miss J.E. Daly ran the Human Hair Works. She manufactured wigs, toupees, switches, bangs, and other hair accessories. She also prepared a formula called Cocoa Cream, which was recommended for keeping the complexion healthy. A listing in the 1904 Sandusky City Directory indicated that Jennie E. and Catherine C. Daly sold hair goods at a business known as the Daly Sisters, at 723 Washington Row. By 1910, Jennie E. Daly and her sister had moved to Cleveland, where they lived with their widowed mother.

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