Wednesday, June 06, 2012

District Sales Managers of the Hinde and Dauch Company

On March 25, 1916, Sandusky photographer Edward H. Schlessman took a picture of the District Sales Managers of the Hinde and Dauch Company. The banquet was held at the Sloane House Hotel in downtown Sandusky. In the front row, from left to right are: Pearl Rehfuss, Dean Beery, Russell Whitney, Charles Kiefer, Pete Klotz, Louis Wendt, Henry Squire, George Ranft, D.A. Larkin, L.L. Thigpen. In the back row: Thomas Gagen, Carl Schott, Herbert Orr, Edwin A. Walter, E.J. Eiserman, Fred Emmons, Lawrence D. Morton, Harry Felton, Joe Conley and Charles Roehme. (The three ladies in the picture were not identified.) It appears as though the image of the head of D.A. Larkin was literally cut from another picture, and pasted onto the picture above. Of course this picture was taken long before modern digital photography and photo editing software existed.

The Hinde and Dauch Company operated in Sandusky and several other cities for many years. The company was nationally known in the field of corrugated shipping boxes, and was issued dozens of U.S. patents. Visit the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center to learn more about the historic residents and businesses of Sandusky and Erie County.

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Ed Daniel said...

Prior to her marriage in 1924, my mother,then Eleanor Klingbeil, worked aa a telephoe operator in the Hinde and Dauch office. She used to recall an embarrassing incident when she, a recent hire, need to route an incoming call to Mr. Pearl Rehfuss, who is pictured in the photo. Mother, who had never met or seen Mr. Rehfuss, logically assumed he was female, and called out loudly (in the days when calls could not be switched electrically), "Call for MISS REHFUSS on line one." She watched as, red-faced, Mr. Rehfuss picked up his phone to take the call.