Saturday, June 09, 2012

Ohio Fisheries, Foot of Hancock Street

Before the location was known as Shoreline Drive, the State of Ohio had offices located at the foot of Hancock Street in Sandusky. Below is a picture of several buildings owned by the state of Ohio, adjacent to the railroad tracks, around the 1920s or 1930s. The words Ohio Fisheries Building can barely be read on the building that is to the far left of the photo.

From about 1940 to 1960, a cottage in front of the Ohio Fisheries Building housed State of Ohio employees. The Ohio Fisheries Building had been repainted by this time.
Some of the offices that were located at the foot of Hancock Street in Sandusky were the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Division of Conservation, the Division of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Division of Shore Erosion, and the Division of Wildlife. Names of the various State of Ohio offices changed throughout the years. By looking through historical Sandusky City Directories under the heading State Offices, you can get a better idea of what specific state offices were operating in Sandusky, Ohio in any given time. Though these buildings no longer remain, today the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has several employees at the ODNR's Coastal Services Center located at 105 West Shoreline Drive.

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Fay,Chris,Artie said...

In the first pix the building on the far right was moved to the middle of the lot and added on to. This was the "cottage" that housed my Grandparents The "cottage" had 3 bedrooms,kitchen,living and dining room
Grandpa was brought from Put In Bay to be Supervisor for the O.D.N.R this was about 1935.
My Grandparents lived there until Grandpa retired. When they moved the "cottage" was used as offices.