Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mrs. Jane E. Castle’s Lecture Series at Carnegie Hall

From Monday September 20 to Friday, September 24, 1926, Mrs. Jane E. Castle gave a series of free lectures at Carnegie Hall in the Sandusky Library.

Mrs. Castle was known as the “Wonder Woman” and “The Radiant Psychologist.” Her lectures and demonstrations dealt with “Auto Science,” a system of mind-power, based on the teachings of Dr. Ernest C. Feyrer. She also demonstrated a character analysis of individuals, and read with success the leading characteristics of the participants. Some of the topics of Mrs. Castle’s lectures were: “The Power Within,” “Perfect Health and How to Create it,” “Your Mental Wireless,” and “The Power of Suggestion and Healing.” The Sandusky Star Journal of September 21, 1926, reported that Mrs. Castle was “abounding in vitality and enthusiasm," and "a woman of great magnetic power." One of her main premises was that the subconscious mind within each individual had the ability to stimulate latent power, to produce success in any line. Mrs. Castle also sang several vocal solos, accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Marguerite Palmer. From 1926 through 1929 Mrs. Jane E. Castle gave free lectures throughout the Midwestern United States. She was so well received in Sandusky that she visited the city again in 1927, when she gave lectures at the Women’s Building.


Ed Daniel said...

Marguerite Spaith Palmer was my piano teacher when I was about 11-13 years old (1947-49). Her house was on E. Adams St, east of the railroad tracks. She had a beautiful baby grand piano in her living room, on which she gave lessons.

v said...

Hi, I found a bunch of negatives in a flower seed box in my grandmother's attic. My great-grandfather Frank Kubach lived in Sandusky, and took many photographs. I've been scanning them here: and thought they might be of interest to this blog!

Ed Daniel said...

The photos that "v" has on his/her blog include several photos of damage from the tornado of June 1924. The 1940 US census has Frank Kubach family living in 200 block of Perry Street, VERY close to the tornado's path as it swept along the shoreline and damaged several buildinds along what was then Water Street. My parents were on thier honeymoon at that time, while their new house (at 1126 Fifth Street) was being finished, and they rushed back from Montreal when they heard of the tornado.