Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sandusky Fire Department Youth Competition(?)

We don't have any specific information about the pictures below, taken by C. W. Platt, but it appears that it could be a friendly competition between two different stations of the Sandusky Fire Department in the late 1890’s. In each photo a daring young man is atop a ladder, while the other boys are all holding onto a fire hose. The top photograph was taken at the Central Fire Department on West Market Street.

Another team is standing in front of Fire Station No. 4 at the corner of Central Avenue and Osborne Street. The boys are wearing shirts labeled “Globe Clothing.”

Several vintage photographs and a history of the Sandusky Fire Department, as well as information about significant fires fought in Sandusky, are found in the historical collections of the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center.


Anonymous said...

At what corner on Central Ave and Osborne was there a Fire House?

Anonymous said...

The 1905 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map shows Engine House #4 of the Sandusky Fire Department at the northeast corner of Central Avenue and Osborne Street in Sandusky, Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Is that station still standing or has it been torn down?

Sandusky Library Archives Research Center said...

According to the information we have, Fire Station #4 was torn down in 1930.