Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sandusky’s Big Store March and Two Step

In the first decade of the twentieth century George Godfrey composed a march and two step in honor of Sandusky’s Big Store. The Big Store was located on East Market Street in downtown Sandusky. In 1882 Carl L. Engels was engaged in the dry goods business with Mr. Hasselbach. Later C.L. Engels became the sole proprietor of the business, and it was known as the C.L. Engels Company.

The C.L. Engels Company eventually became known as Sandusky’s Big Store. An advertisement in the September 18, 1903 issue of the Sandusky Register featured an advertisement for Sandusky’s Big Store. Above an image of the Big Store were the words: “The Heart of Sandusky.” In 1908 Mr. Engels disposed of his controlling interests in the store, and by 1910, the Herb & Myers Company bought out Sandusky’s Big Store.

George Godfrey was a Sandusky businessman and an accomplished musician. He was a member of the Great Western Band for many years. In the spring of 1902, Mr. Godfrey conducted a series of free concerts at the Big Store. Mr. Godfrey’s musical composition entitled Sandusky’s Big Store was published by the C.L. Engels Company in Sandusky, Ohio.

For a time Mr. Godfrey’s wife, Mary Schields Godfrey, sold hats at Sandusky’s Big Store.

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