Sunday, October 14, 2012

Griswold-Wagg Motor Company

Glenn W. Griswold, pictured above, was the president of the Griswold-Wagg Motor Company, which was incorporated in 1918. Nelson E. Wagg was the vice-president and treasurer of the company, located in the 200 block of East Market Street in Sandusky, Ohio. The Griswold-Wagg Motor Company sold Ford cars, along with accessories, supplies, and tires, and also offered repair service. Fordson power farming equipment was also sold at Griswold-Wagg.

In 1920 business was so good at the Griswold-Wagg Motor Company, that sales approached the half million mark. Because the business kept growing at a rapid pace, a new building was built at 135-145 East Washington Row. The two story building was built of reinforced concrete and brick, and had a floor space of 20,000 square feet. A five ton elevator connected the service department with the first floor. The company had enough room to stock a complete line of parts for the Ford automobile and the Fordson tractor. An advertisement from the January 21, 1921 issue of the Sandusky Register stated that the service department was equipped “with the most modern machinery offered any possible auto service.” Brand new automobiles were displayed in the Griswold-Wagg showroom.

The Griswold-Wagg Motor Company went out of business by 1922. An article in the February 15, 1922 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal reported that the debts of the company were far larger than its assets.

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