Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandusky Turngemeinde Concert

On Thursday evening, October 31, 1889, the Sandusky Turngemeinde sponsored a concert at Fisher’s Hall in Sandusky. There were two portions of the concert, each with six numbers. Following the concert, a dance was held. The Sandusky Turngemeinde was created from the merging of two separate groups, the Active Turners and the Social Turners. The Turners were a social organization, usually made up of individuals of German descent, who were devoted to physical fitness. Over 350 individuals were members of the Sandusky Turngemeinde. According to the book, Sandusky Then and Now, the officers of the Sandusky Turngemeinde in 1888 were: John Molter, first speaker; Otto Baumeister, second speaker; Jacob Dietz, first turner warden; Charles Guenther, second turner warden; C.A. Kuebeler, first corresponding secretary; William Dilger, second corresponding secretary; William Allendorf, financial secretary; Charles Zimmermann, treasurer; George Dolch, janitor; and George Müller, color bearer. Trustees were R. Krudwig, J. Mertz and Charles Baumann.

An article about the Sandusky Turngemeinde Concert, which appeared in the November 1, 1889 issue of the Sandusky Register, read in part:

The concert given by the Sandusky Turngemeinde at Fisher’s Hall last evening attracted a large crowd that enjoyed the affair to the utmost. The mixed, female and male choruses were excellent and showed the thorough training of Prof. Berger. The quintette by Messrs. Moos, Haecker, Engels, Baumeister, and Berger was fine, and the same can be said of the piano solo of Miss Wiedel, the duet by Mssrs. Berger and Engels, the clarinet solo by Fred Bauman and numbers rendered by the Great Western Orchestra.

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