Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hohler’s Place

In the 1890s, Daniel Hohler operated a grocery store and saloon at the northwest corner of Barker and Camp Streets in Sandusky, Ohio. After their father’s death in 1899, Frank J. and Henry L. Hohler took over the business. The nickname of Henry L. Hohler was “Blink.” He can be seen in a long apron on the right side of the picture above. An article in the January 30, 1958 issue of the Sandusky Register stated that Blink Hohler was a big-hearted man, who gave money to charity generously. “He wore a constant smile, and was never known to have said a disparaging word against any man. He was a ‘soft touch’ for those who came to him with hard luck stories.” Henry L. “Blink” Hohler died on December 25, 1912. Funeral services were held at the Hohler residence, which was connected to the family business.

After the death of his brother, Frank J. Hohler continued the grocery store and saloon. When Prohibition went into effect, Hohler’s place became a grocery store. By 1937, the Miller Drug Store was in business at 1031 Camp Street, the former location of Hohler’s Place.

Pictured below is a baseball team in front of Hohler’s Place in the very early twentieth century. “Blink” Hohler is again wearing a long white apron.

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fluffy said...

Very Interesting. As a side note one block west on Railroad st(now Pearl) was another saloon/grocery store owned by Leopold and George Krebs. Intersting there were to such business that close together.