Monday, April 22, 2013

Eagles, Sandusky Aerie No. 444, Bowling League Champions in 1929

During the 1928-1929 bowling season, the Sandusky Eagles had eight teams in its league. Each team was named for a different portion of the eagle: Heads, Tails, Claws, Spurs, Feathers, Beaks, Legs, and Wings. Winners of the Eagles Bowling League in April, 1929 were the Heads. Members of the team included: Frank Golden, Dr. John J. Atkins, Robert Giessman, Ralph Andrews, Edward J. Shafer, and Herman Popke. Dr. John J. Atkins was the Eagles physician, but he had to step down in September, 1929 due to poor health. Bowling has been a popular leisure activity since the late nineteenth century, and is enjoyed by individuals in over ninety countries.

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