Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Boy Scout Jamboree of 1937

The first National Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of America was held June 30 through July 7, 1937 in Washington D.C. at the invitation of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Total attendance was 27,232 representing 536 councils of Scouts. Scouts arrived by bus and train, and set up tents over 350 acres. The Scouts listened to speeches, participated in drills and flag ceremonies, and toured the nation’s capital. There were 200 physicians and 250 cooks on hand for the big event. The cost for the National Jamboree was over $500, 000.

A highlight of the Jamboree was when President Roosevelt rode in a motorcade down Constitution Avenue as he reviewed the thousands of Boy Scouts and leaders lined up for two miles. Time Magazine featured an article about the National Jamboree in the July 12, 1937 issue.

Pictured below are Boy Scouts from the Firelands area marching down Jackson Street and Market Street in Sandusky before they left for the Jamboree:

The Scouts all carried camping equipment, and were led by the Sandusky High School band. Eleven Boy Scouts were from Sandusky. Assistant Scoutmasters Ernest and Paul Marchus accompanied the Scouts to Washington D.C. The Scouts took with them a replica of the entrance and fence of Camp Lake Shore.

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