Monday, June 16, 2008

"Sandusky: Swept by Lake Breezes"

In 1902, as a result of the efforts of local citizens, Sandusky was host of the Ohio State Democratic Party Convention.

At the State Central Committee Meeting of the Ohio Democratic Party in June, 1902, the choices for the State Convention’s location were narrowed down to two: Columbus or Sandusky. The Sandusky Register of Thursday, June 5, stated that “Columbus with her usual amount of lifelessness is making no effort to land the great gathering.”

On June 10, 1902 in Columbus, Ohio, it was announced that by a vote of 17 to 3, the Central Committee chose Sandusky to be the host city for the State of Ohio’s Democratic Convention, to be held September 2 and September 3 at Cedar Point in Sandusky. The slogan that helped secure the win was “Swept by Lake Breezes.” It was coined by Captain C. B. Wilcox, pictured below.

In Columbus when Judge George Beis extended the invitation for the convention to be held in Sandusky, the crowd applauded. The crowd cheered when W. B. Starbird made a similar request. During the voting, there were loud yells for Sandusky. A brass band played and the delegation from Sandusky carried brooms with the inscription “Swept by Lake Breezes.” The newspapers in Cincinnati and Columbus gave coverage to the story, mentioning Capt. Wilcox’s phrase “Swept by lake breezes.”

The Sandusky Star Journal of June 10, 1902 said that “For the first time in its history, it is to entertain a state political convention, and from now on there will be doings. Sandusky is on the map.” An article caption stated "The Slogan, 'Swept by Lake Breezes,' Won Out Before the Committee Today."

G.A. Boeckling sent orders for the Ackley Band to greet the delegation on its arrival home from Columbus.
When the Convention met in September at Cedar Point, newspapers accounts indicate that the decorations were elaborate and attendance was large. The crowds were indeed fanned by lake breezes as the Convention Hall overlooked the sandy beach at Cedar Point.

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