Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Mahala Block

From 1894 until 1909, the Mahala Block on Washington Row, was home to several businesses, organizations, and a business college. The four story Mahala Block building was located between Columbus Avenue and Wayne Street.
The Mahala Block was built by William T. West, who had also built and owned the West House hotel with his brother A. K. West. Mahala was the middle name of Mrs. William T. West, nee Lydia Mahala Todd.
Some of the businesses which were located at the Mahala Block included: Charles J. Krupp, undertaker; May Reynolds, artist; Herb and Myers; Mahala Steam Laundry; Neill Bros., hardware; and the Sandusky Business College. A search through historical Sandusky City Directories will pinpoint the various names and dates of the tenants throughout the years.

On November 18, 1909, a massive fire destroyed the Mahala Block. The loss was estimated at approximately $250,000. Destroyed in the Mahala Building were many businesses and apartments including: Carrie Freyensee, milliner; The Herb and Myers Co.; Yochem and Feick; the Mahala Laundry; Charles J. Krupp, undertaker and embalmer; The International Correspondence Schools; Neill Bros. and Co.; Miss Helen Powers studio; Dr. H.J. Dann; Sandusky Business College; and Mrs. J.S. Grandcolas, hairdressing and massage parlors.

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