Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beryl Starr, "The Most Popular Girl in Sandusky"

The above image appeared in an April 1924 New York Pictorial publication with the caption that said Beryl Starr was “the most popular girl in Sandusky.” In the 1920’s Miss Starr was in a beauty contest in which she won the title of “Miss Sandusky.” She was also Miss Sandusky in 1933. An article from Massillon Ohio’s Evening Independent reported on August 23, 1926, that while Miss Beryl did not win the “Miss Sandusky” contest in the summer of 1926, she was the runner up. The article stated that on three previous occasions Miss Beryl Starr had been proclaimed as “the prettiest girl in Sandusky.” Judge William Fiesinger, Judge John E. Tanney, and Judge Claude Minor were the judges of the pageant. Miss Estelle Rogers, a Sandusky High School student won the contest.

Beryl Starr is pictured below (far right) in the Ohio Beauty Pageant at Cedar Point in 1927. Beryl Starr was born on July 27, 1902. She was employed by the city of Sandusky’s water department for eighteen years. She never married. Miss Starr passed away on June 1, 1986.She is buried in the family lot at Oakland Cemetery with her parents Louis and Frances Starr.

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