Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mystery Photos: Shoe Stores in Sandusky (or Elsewhere?)

Some of the most interesting photos in the library's collections are the ones we know little or nothing about. Here are three photographs of shoe stores that fit that description. We assume that these are scenes from Sandusky, but we don't know for sure. Do they look familiar to you? We can try to guess some things about the images by looking closely at the details in the picture. It is probably safe to say that the picture above was taken in the late 19th or early 20th century, judging from the design of the store and the clothes of the men. The original image is not sharp enough for us to read the signs in the background, but sometimes reading the signs might help you identify an unidentified image.
The next image is certainly from a later period than the first, judging from the more "modern" appearance of the store and the salesman. We can read some of the signs (the one in the center says: "Our terms are cash. These prices positively do not warrant any extension of credit."), but they don't really help us to locate this store. But as for the date, do you think, around 1920?

This is probably the most recent of the images, but perhaps not too far in time from the previous one. 1930s, perhaps? Clothing and shoe styles help to date this photo. (Look at the really short tie of the man on the right, for example.) Again, we don't have much else in the photo to help us determine the location of the store. We do see the prices for the shoes, which makes the scene even more interesting, and might be helpful for any shoe historians who view the image.

If you have any observations of your own -- especially if you recognize any of these stores or people -- feel free to add your comments.


Ed Daniel said...

As a 14-yr-old, I worked Saturdays in 1950/51 at Rosino's shoe stroe on Columbus Ave in Sandusky. My job was to dust the shelves in the showroom, and to compress the empty cardboard cartons that shoes were shipped in. These photos might be that store (in an earlier era of course), as the doorway to the backroom was on the right, as show in the photos. Ed Daniel Rockville, MD

Anonymous said...

The Maus shoe store on Columbus Ave? I remember it from the 60's and although this is an older version, looks a lot like the store set up.

Anonymous said...

My great, grandfather ran a shoe store in Sandusky in the 1870's. His name was David R Huson and the store was Huson & Martin. David's son Harmon, who worked there too, married the daughter (adopted) of Judge Samuel B and Susan (Boalt) Caldwell.