Sunday, September 20, 2009

Foundries in Sandusky

Now known as Sandusky International, the Sandusky Foundry and Machine Company was founded in 1904 by William Millspaugh. The company has long been recognized as an innovator in the paper making industry. The photograph below features a float from the Sandusky Foundry and Machine Company from around that time.
The Bay View Foundry was in operation from 1904 through the 1920’s. The firm produced brass, bronze, aluminum and iron castings. In 1920, E. Lea Marsh succeeded A. W. Link as the company president. Eventually Mr. Marsh moved back to Connecticut. His son, E. Lea Marsh, Jr. was a legislator in the state of Connecticut, and was the owner of a dairy herd which included Elsie the Borden cow.
The G and C Foundry, which is no longer in operation, manufactured cast and finished products for fluid power. It was incorporated in 1922 by M. F. Gartland and John Carroll. The plant was located on West Monroe Street on Sandusky’s west side. Employees from the pattern department stood outside the G and C Foundry in June of 1918.
The final chapter of Charles E. Frohman’s book A History of Sandusky and Erie County, is devoted to a brief history of manufacturing in Sandusky, Ohio. Visit the Archives Research Center to learn more about manufacturing in Sandusky, both past and present.

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Sloan66 said...

Does anybody have information on the houses built on Gartland and Carroll Avenues by the foundry owners for their employees? Thank you in advance.