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J. W. Weier, Manufacturer of Weier’s Cream of Roses

In the 1880 Erie County Census, Jacob Weier is listed as a barber, the 20 year old son of Louis and Ernestine Weier. A newspaper article from the November 17, 1894 issue of the Sandusky Register states that J. W. Weier took first place at the Erie County Fair, for the category of “human hair goods.” He exhibited curling irons, hair products, and his well known Cream of Roses cream. In the 1888 Sandusky City Directory, J. W. Weier was listed as the manufacturer of Weier’s Cream of Roses, Curline for Ladies’ Bangs, Burdock Hair Tonic and Hair Restorer, with his place of business located at 712 Market Street.

The advertisement below appeared in a Postal Guide which was distributed to Sandusky residents about 1899.

Weier’s Cream of Roses was used for healing cuts and burns. Weier’s Circassian Pearl was recommended for freckles and tan. Weier’s Reliable Hair Renewer was used to remove gray from hair, and Weier’s German Hair Vigor was supposed to positively stop hair from falling out. Mr. Weier also sold wigs, waves, bangs and switches.

J. W. Weier’s listing in the 1900 Sandusky City Directory stated that J. W. Weier was of proprietor of the Weier Chemical Manufacturing Co., which manufactured Weier’s Cream of Roses and barber’s supplies, in the Odd Fellows Temple at 231 Washington Row. Jacob’s sister Louise Weier advertised ladies hair products and toilet articles at the same location. Later city directories list J. W. Weier as selling barber supplies.

On November 25, 1912, Jacob W. Weier was killed when his automobile crashed into Lake Shore Train No. 43 at the Hancock Street crossing, as Jacob was returning from a trip to Norwalk. Jacob W. Weier’s funeral was held at his Hancock Street residence, and he was buried at Oakland Cemetery. Jacob’s brothers, John and Henry Weier, had a prosperous salvage business in Sandusky for many years. After John and Henry Weier both died in March, 1925, the business was carried on by J. Leroy Weier, the son of John Weier.

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