Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cedar Point Bathhouse Employees

Pictured above are Harry Garling, manager of the Cedar Point bathhouse during the summer of 1906 and his crew. Notes which accompanied the original photograph have identified many of the individuals. They are: 1. John Tanney, 3. Roy Hankey, 4. Frank Field, 5. Ed Waterfield, 6. Tommy Larkins, 7. Paul Savanack, 8. Gabe Seibert, 9. George Singler, 10. Leo Theibert, 11. Norman Miller, 12. Norbert Lange, 13. Ralph Ross, 14. Adelbert Taylor, 15. Harry Garling, 17. Charles Abele, 18. Frank Kromer, 20, Carl Keimer, 21. Ward Platt, 22. Joe Orcutt, 23. Elsie Ross, 24. Myrtle Hennesy, 25. Clara Tanney, 27. Fred Garling, 29. Harry Ward, 30. Henrietta Boehm, 31. Mrs. Fannie Chamberlain, and 32. Mrs. John Neuman.

According to the Sandusky Star of September 5, 1904, Harry Garling taught private swimming lessons at the Cedar Point beach every morning. Mr. Garling and his wife moved to Lakewood, Ohio where they were proprietors of a restaurant. Sadly, they both died on the same day, on October 18, 1940. Many of the young bathhouse employees were members of athletic teams of Sandusky High School. Paul Savanack became an Episcopalian minister, and Norbert Lange went on to become a chemistry professor who is well known for writing the classic text Handbook of Chemistry.

Another well known employee of Cedar Point was Knute Rockne, who perfected the forward pass on the Cedar Point beach with his college roommate Gus Dorais in the summer of 1913.

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