Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Patriotic Young Ladies

This photograph of eighteen young ladies in a patriotic scene featuring several American flags was taken shortly after the turn of the twentieth century. The only persons identified are Florence Bookerman and Ethel Mae Barber, who are in the back row. (Notes on the back of the photo do not specify the exact location of Florence and Ethel Mae.) The photograph was a gift from Jack Doller, the son of Ethel Mae Barber Doller.

Most of the girls are wearing a small diamond shaped badge that says “Who are you?” It also appears to say "Maccabee Rally" and something else that is not readable. The Knights of the Maccabees was a fraternal organization and insurance society that had a chapter in Sandusky.

With only the slightest hint of smiles, the young ladies are wearing lovely white dresses, and some have white bows in their hair.

Ethel Mae Barber would eventually marry Howard V. Doller, from a family with ties to Put in Bay.

Ethel Mae Doller was active in the Sandusky Sailing Club, First Presbyterian Church, Business Women’s Club, and the Eastern Star. She died in March of 1966, while her husband died tragically in an accident while he was in Madison, Indiana in 1943. Florence Bookerman never married. She was the daughter of Jacob and Mary Bookerman, and worked at the American Crayon Company.

If anyone knows the names of any of the other young ladies in the picture, please leave a message in the Comments section of the blog post.

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Joyce Hay said...

The Knights of the Maccabees or Protection Tent K.O.T.M were cited in Firefighter Capt. Adam Hartung's 1908 obituary. It was a source of low-cost insurance to cover burial costs and perhaps provide some survivor benefits. His girls were: Cora (b.1887) Anna (b.1890)and Esther (b.1898) I have no further evidence to support their appearance in this photo. Since the badges were in fact name tags, it is a shame that the resolution isnt good enough to read the names!