Sunday, July 01, 2012

Jacob M. Beecher, Civil War Veteran

Jacob M. Beecher, the son of Lines and Jane Beecher, was the nephew of prominent Sandusky lawyer and abolitionist Lucas Beecher. During the Civil War, Jacob M. Beecher served in three separate units. He enlisted as a Private on April 25, 1861 at the age of 18, in Company E of the Seventh Ohio Infantry, serving until August 22, 1861. Later he re-enlisted in Company E, 72nd Ohio Infantry. Because of "gallant service," Jacob M. Beecher was appointed Lieutenant in the 71st U.S.C.T. In 1904, Jacob M. Beecher became widowed after the death of his wife Mary. He eventually became a resident of the Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, now known as the Ohio Veterans Home. On January 20, 1919, Jacob M. Beecher passed away. He was buried in Section F of the Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors' Home Cemetery. Mr. Beecher left behind four sons and four daughters. Two of his sons served in France during World War One.

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