Saturday, September 03, 2016

Leonard and Theresa Winkler

This tintype picture of Theresa Weber Winkler was most likely taken before her marriage to Leonard Winkler in 1871. The couple was married in Monroeville, Ohio.

Theresa was born in Germany in 1847. Her future husband, Leonard Winkler, was also a native of Germany. During the Civil War, Leonard Winkler served in Company I of the Third Ohio Cavalry. Here he is in a picture taken in 1863:

Leonard and Theresa Winkler had a large family of children which included three sons and three daughters. Mr. Winkler worked as a delivery man for a brewery. 

These portraits of Leonard and Theresa Winkler were taken later in life.

Leonard Winkler died on May 26, 1893, following a bout of bronchitis. He was buried at Oakland Cemetery. Following his death, some of his military items were donated to the historical museum of the Sandusky Library, and are now housed at the Follett House Museum.


A daughter of Leonard and Theresa Winkler, Justina Winkler, was a nurse who served in World War I and later worked at Providence Hospital. A grandson, also named Leonard, was a teacher for several years, and he was known as the “Voice of Sandusky Athletics."

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Paul Bing said...

When I saw "Leonard Winkler", I immediately thought of my high school physics teacher, conselor for the Hi-Lites. I was surprised to find that it was his grandfather, and I was happy to find him referenced at the end.