Thursday, September 08, 2016

The 1932 Sandusky High School Football Team

Recently we ran into a team photo of the Sandusky High School football from the academic year 1932-1933. The individuals in the picture have been identified.

Top row (left to right): Null, Alden Feick, James Earl, Eddie Bryant, Maag, Kleinfelder, Steuk, H. Maag
Middle row: Coach Bob Whittaker, Ken Stauffer, Les Gast, London Gant, White, Jordan, Dehnel, Coach Wallace Glenwright
Bottom row: Young, Ted Roth, Gene Burns, Davis Chaffee, Al Hess, A. Missioni, Johnny Baum, and Carroll

Number 77 was London Gant, who was a legend in Sandusky High School football history. In Sandusky High School athletic records, He still holds the record for the most all-time career touchdowns and the most games played in career. Near the end of the football season in Gant's senior year, Johnny Dunn, sports editor of the Lorain Journal paid tribute to him in his newspaper column. It was reprinted in the October 20, 1932 issue of the Sandusky Register. A portion of the column read:

Sportswriter Dunn pointed out that “a united sigh of relief along the Northern Ohio football front,” will be heard when London Gant takes off his uniform for the last time at Sandusky High School. 

On the Thanksgiving Day football game of 1932 between the Sandusky High School Blue Streaks and the Fremont Ross Little Giants, Sandusky beat Fremont 33 to 0. It was estimated that 5000 spectators attended the game at Strobel Field. The victory was attributed to "sensational forward passing," according to an article from the November 25, 1932 edition of the Sandusky Register.

Visit the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center to read more about Sandusky High School’s past football seasons on microfilmed copies of the Sandusky Register and Star Journal. A book by Vince Guerrieri, The Blue Streaks & Little Giants chronicles the long rivalry of the football teams of Sandusky High and Fremont Ross.

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