Friday, September 23, 2016

Wagenet & Davis, Insurance Agents

In the 1886 Sandusky City Directory, H. W. Wagenet and Josh B. Davis were listed as agents for over twenty five different insurance companies. Their offices were on the upper floors of the Cooke Block.  Their advertisement stated that they offered the lowest going rates, and that they offered insurance protection for fire, marine, accident, lightning, cyclone and plate glass damages. H.W. Wagenet had previously been in the insurance business with Bryon Gager at the same location. In the 1880 City Directory, Mr. Wagenet’s name was listed as H.W. Wagenknecht, but by 1886 he had changed the spelling of his name to Wagenet. 

The September 8, 1888 issue of the Sandusky Register reported that H.W. Wagnet was leaving Wagnet & Davis. His interests were taken over by his brother, John H. Wagenet, with the new partnership being known as Davis & Wagenet. You can see a sign for Davis & Wagenet, barely visible above the main front door in this image: 

The Cooke Block has been home to many different businesses in Sandusky throughout the years. Visit the Sandusky Library to view historic city directories to learn about the many different residents and businesses of our city.

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