Saturday, April 05, 2014

Historical Post Offices in Erie County

Most area residents of a certain age recall the old Sandusky Post Office, which was located at the intersection of Jackson Street, West Washington Street and Central Avenue from 1927 to 1987. (Before that, the Sandusky Post Office was at the southwest corner of Columbus Avenue and West Market Street.) According to the book The Post Offices of Ohio, by John S. Gallagher and Alan H. Patera (The Depot, 1979), there were over forty post offices scattered throughout Erie County, many of which are no longer in existence. 

The Cedar Point Post Office was established on July 15, 1907.

While U.S. mail is still delivered at Cedar Point, this particular Post Office was discontinued on June 12, 1915. The Post Office mailboxes pictured below, now at the Follett House Museum, once served customers of the Sand Hill Post Office, which was in operation from the 1880s until 1905. After 1905, mail for Sand Hill residents was routed to Sandusky.

Some of the communities in Erie County which used to have Post Offices are: Avery, Bay Bridge, Bay View, Bloomingville, Ceylon, Cooke’s Corners, Groton Centre, Jay, Kimball, Mittiwanga, Parkertown, Prout’s Station, Rye Beach, Sand Hill, Shinrock, and Weyers. To see a more thorough listing of the historical Post Offices in Erie County, and the dates in which they were in operation, see pages 86-87 of The Post Offices of Ohio, shelved with the genealogy and local history books in the lower level of the Sandusky Library. 

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