Monday, April 14, 2014

Joe F. Wieber’s Saloon

From about 1898 until 1910, Joseph F. Wieber operated a saloon at the southwest corner of Monroe and Pearl Streets. In its later years of operation, an ice cream parlor was also in business in conjunction with the saloon. Billiard tournaments were a popular event at Joe Wieber’s saloon in the late 1890s. According to the Sandusky Star of October 7, 1899, the “well known handlers of the cue” in the grand pool tournament included: Joe Siegrist, Andrew Polta, William Bauer, Daniel Damm, Albert Hemmerle, Frank Thompson, Armand Wintersteller, Casper Georgen, Joe Wieber, and a Mr. Baker. Pinochle tournaments were also held at Wieber’s saloon on occasion. 

By 1912 Joe Wieber’s saloon was no longer  listed  in the Sandusky City Directory. Mr. Wieber’s occupation by that time was recorded as inspector, and he was living at 908 Pearl Street. A variety of other individuals and businesses were located at the southwest corner of Monroe and Pearl Streets through the years, including a restaurant run by Clarence Herzog, and the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, better known to most residents as the A & P store. By the early 1960s, Jimmy’s Bar was in business at the site of the former Wieber saloon. 

Joseph F. Wieber passed away on September 26, 1938, at the age of 54. He was survived by his widow, a son, a daughter, and many other relatives. Funeral services were held at the Frey Funeral Home, and burial was in Calvary Cemetery. 

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